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Veneer Facing

All Natural, All Wood, Real Beauty

Nothing surpasses the warmth and beauty of real wood. Add a rich wood look to your project without the solid wood price with BAND-IT Furniture Grade Veneer.

Repair or enhance cabinetry, furniture, shelving, crafts...any other flat or cylindrical projects.

BAND-IT Veneer is available with easy-to-apply iron-on, peel ’N stick, or paper backing.

Available at Home Centers and Hardware Stores everywhere!

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Veneer Sheets Species Available

Note: grain runs length of sheet

Veneer Sheets - White AshVeneer Sheets - White Birch Veneer Sheets - White Oak Veneer Sheets - White Pine Veneer Sheets - Knotty PineVeneer Sheets - Hickory Pecan Veneer Sheets - Maple Veneer Sheets - Red Oak Veneer Sheets - Cherry Veneer Sheets - Teak Veneer Sheets - Mahogany Veneer Sheets - Walnut

Veneer Facing Sizes

Veneer Facing Size Chart

Available at Home Centers and
Hardware Stores Everywhere!

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