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Melamine EdgingMarvelous Melamine

BAND-IT Melamine edgebanding’s tough exterior performs where durability is
required. Excellent for repairing or finishing, it’s an inexpensive alternative to veneer edgebanding. Applies to nearly any smooth surface. Available in popular colors and woodgrains.

  • Iron on
  • Colorfast
  • Washable
  • Durable
  • Static-free
  • Heat resistant*
  • Stain resistant*
  • Flexible

* not recommended for kitchen counters

Available at Home Centers and Hardware Stores everywhere!

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Melamine Edging Colors and Woodgrains

Note: wood grain runs length of the edging.

Melamine Edging - WhiteMelamine Edging - Almond Melamine Edging - Light GreyMelamine Edging - Dark Grey Melamine Edging - Black Melamine Edging - CherryMelamine Edging - Red Oak Melamine Edging - Mahogany Melamine Edging - Maple

Melamine Edgebanding Sizes

Melamine Edgebanding Size Chart

Available at Home Centers and
Hardware Stores Everywhere!

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