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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can less than a 4' X 8' sheet of veneer be ordered?
A: Yes, we sell a variety of widths in 4' and 8' lengths with choice of 10 mil paper, hot melt or Peel ‘N Stick backings. Check specific product pages for availability.

Q: What is the difference between furniture grade and architectural grade veneer?
A: Architectural or A Grade veneer has a more uniform grain and fewer natural imperfections than Furniture or AB Grade veneer.

Q: Can wood veneer be applied to exterior surfaces?
A: BAND-IT wood veneer is furniture-grade wood and is for interior use only. Because of contraction or expansion of the wood, the paper or fleece backing that is applied for stability may delaminate from the wood if moisture is present.

Q: Why does veneer have a paper backing ?
A: The kraft paper backer on veneer sheets adds stability and durability. Do not remove this backing.

Q: Which backing should I use?
A: The backing depends on the application. The 10 mil paper backing used with contact cement will work in most applications (be sure to let contact dry completely). Iron-on or hot melt backing has the glue pre-coated and a hot iron is used to apply. PSA or Peel ‘n Stick is the easiest but least forgiving to apply.

Q: Are special tools needed to cut veneer?
A: No! Simply use scissors, knife or razor. If cutting edgebanding after application, for a flush clean cut use our BAND-IT Edge Trimmer.

Q: Can wood veneer be applied to materials other than wood?
A: Yes, see our listing of uses on the appropriate Retail Product Page.

Q: Why is White Oak not lighter than Red Oak?
A: Red Oak and White Oak are different species of tree and are not indicative of color.

Q: Should veneer be sanded?
A: BAND-IT veneer is already sanded and normally needs no extra sanding. When cutting and finishing, if sanding is needed, sand very lightly with 180 or 200 grit sandpaper only.

Q: Which works best, oil based stain or water based stain?
A: Either can be used, but both should be applied sparingly with a cloth to keep paper backing from delaminating from the wood. Multiple light coats can be applied, but each coat should be allowed to dry thoroughly.

Q: Should veneer be pre-finished before installation?
A: We suggest finishing after installation, but if there are instances where a finish must be applied before installation, care should be taken to insure that finishing product is applied sparingly, and according to finish manufacturer’s directions to prevent backer separation.

Q: What are the characteristics of PVC versus Melamine?
A: Melamine, a heat impregnated paper, is more brittle and will not bend as much as PVC, but can be applied with a hot iron. PVC, poly vinyl chloride, is more forgiving when bent, but will melt if direct heat is applied.


The Cloverdale Company has supplied wood veneer products to the wood working industry and retail outlets since 1987. As the manufacturer of BAND-IT veneer products, we share an abiding concern for environmentally responsible forest practices, and support efforts to preserve endangered forests and species.

It is our belief that the production and application of our veneer contributes to this cause by being the most efficient use of the woods commercially available today.