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Edge Trimmer

Pocket-sized, powerful, patented 

Only 3" x 2.25", the pocket-sized Original Edge Trimmer by BAND-IT provides exacting control for flush trimming wood veneer, melamine, PVC and polyester edgebanding.

This comfortable, durable, light-weight Edge Trimmer cuts forward, backward, across ends and is easy to maneuver on curved edges. Our U.S. made EdgeTrimmer uses high quality, long-lasting, inexpensive replacement blades. And all this for about ten dollars!

  • Trims flush and cleanly
  • Cuts in both directions
  • Durable
  • Uses inexpensive reversible blades
  • Compact size
  • 1 year Guarantee
  • Accommodates most edgebanding widths with thicknesses up to 3mm

Available at Home Centers and Hardware Stores everywhere!

Easily trim edges and change blades

Edge Trimmer Instructions

The edging to be trimmed must be cool, and firmly adhered. Place the BAND-IT Edge Trimmer on the end of edge to be trimmed. Apply steady pressure while smoothly sliding the trimmer the length of the edge as shown. The trimmed excess will peel up and out the trimmer slot.

Edge Trimmer Instructions

Remove screw and open unit to swap or replace blades. Position blades over posts with flat side up. Sharpened edge must face outward. Close unit. Secure with screw.

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