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For a Solid Wood Look and Feel

Who says beauty’s only skin deep. BAND-IT Thick Wood Veneer Edgebanding’s good looks are more than handsome graining, state-of-the art finger-jointing and precision sanding. It is sturdily constructed by invisibly laminating our carefully crafted genuine wood veneer, resulting in a multi-layered toughness that beautifully withstands any straight edge and rolled edge applications. You won’t find any better.

Thicknesses and Lengths*:

1.5mm - approx. 492' rolls 3mm - approx. 328' / 100M rolls
* Lengths can vary slightly


3/4", 7/8", 1-1/8", and 1-5/8"

Other species and widths may be available.

Contact us for details and custom orders


Species Selection

 spacer.gifThickEdgingV4_25.jpgThickEdgingV4_28.jpgThickEdgingV4_31.jpg spacer.gifThickEdgingV4_23.pngThickEdgingV4_27.jpgThickEdgingV4_30.jpg ThickEdgingV4_19.pngThickEdgingV4_26.jpgThickEdgingV4_29.jpg