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PUREDGE Edgebanding and Profile Wrapping ProductsPUREDGE_prodV4-B_18.gif PUREDGE_prodV4-B_08.png

Boil us, steam us, freeze us, turn a fire hose on us, PÜREDGE Products will not separate from the backers because we’ve eliminated the cause of delamination. BAND-IT has replaced the traditional PVAc adhesive (the culprit behind delamination) with a proprietary blend of polyurethane *(PUR) that permanently cross-links the backer with the wood for zero degrees of separation!

Both fleece and our exclusive kraft paper-backed PÜREDGE Products thrive in applications requiring rigorous bending and twisting. They shrug off exposure to moist environments and extreme temperatures (-40º to over 130ºC), all the while, maintaining a handsome exterior with virtually invisible joints/glue lines.Dozens of domestic and imported species are available in a multitude of sizes!

PUREDGE is the industry’s First Choice for veneer profile wrapping, softforming and edging applications, as well as for finishing rooms with extreme conditions.

  • reduces downtime due to backer delamination
  • true Type 1/D4 moisture resistance
  • withstands application of finishing room stains and solvents
  • withstands heat resistance of over 130ºC
  • superior performance to products bonded using PVAc with resistant additive
  • competitively priced with traditional PVAc/thermoset choices
  • maximum durability & flexibility
  • superbly crafted in an array of species

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