FSC Certification
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FSC Certification

FSC® Certification

FSC® is an independent, non-profit organization that protects forests for future generations.

Chain-of-Custody certification applies to manufacturers, processors and traders of FSC-certified forest products. It ensures the validity of claims associated with all FSC-certified material and products throughout the production chain.

Band-It Products is FSC® Chain-of-Custody certified since 2012.

A Testimonal from a Satisfied Customer:

Pantry_plywood_structure_trimmed_with_Band-It_red_oak.jpgPantry_plywood_structure_edges_trimmed_with_Band-It_red_oak.jpgWe recently tried your product “Band-it Veneer Edging, Red oak ¾ inch”, SKU 717185342107, for some  edge trim on a floor-to-ceiling pantry.  The framing was made with ¾” plywood, and the remainder of the exposed pantry was oak doors and panels, thus we needed to trim it out to match the rest of the oak.

We had not used this product before, so we were concerned with having a positive result.  The edging  seems to adhere very well using the iron method.  We allowed it to set overnight, and then sanded the edges, since ¾” plywood is really only 23/32” wide.

Then we applied polyurethane, and the color blend was very close to the other oak pieces.

Thanks for making a useful product.  We will use this product in the future.

We also appreciate that this is an American-made product.

We hope your appreciate these comments.

Richland, WA